I only really pulled out my camera on Monday, so there's not many, and I'm missing a lot of people, but oh well. Here you go.

Ed and Aine
This shot came out crappy and blurry, which sucks, 'cause you can see it might have been good. Or not. But I stuck it up anyway. It's got Ed, Erith, and Moses
LT, Rat Bastard, Corinne, and Cavalorn
JV says, 'Haven't you losers gone home yet?'
Macross appears to croon love songs to geekers, while the people in the background do his diving for him.
Peter H. Coffin, himself
Michael, Andrew, and Aine
Macross and Axel
Dag and Erith study the 'Swedish' menu at Ann Sathers
A shot out the window of the Sears Tower
And another